Learning Plan at a glance

Learner’s Dashboard highlights at a glance key areas to concentrate on developing, along with associated resources.

The benefits to your team

  • Highly personalised and tailored schedule of learning activities unique to each learner.
  • Schedules and priorities dynamically adapt to ongoing learner activities.
  • Learning schedule is intelligently generated based on a wide range of data points unique to each individual.
  • Give your learners the autonomy over their own learning and development.

Drip feed diary of resources

PROPEL helps learners with the management of their own learning by intelligently staggering the delivery of content in to manageable weekly tasks.

With an estimated time guide next to each resource, planning the learning around busy working weeks is made easy.

Tailored resources for each learners attainment level

Integrating closely with Competency Coach, agreed scores with the manager feed directly to Learning Plan, ensuring the learner is receiving the right resources for their level of progress.


Dynamically adapts to ongoing activities

The Learning Plan for each user is fluid based on outside influences - if the learner has a review in scores in Competency Coach, the plan will instantly adapt and adjust according to strengths and weaknesses.

If a learner misses a target resource for the week due to other work commitments, the Plan will adjust the following weeks to accomodate again.

Intelligent deployment of training resources through automatic tailoring of content and schedule for each and every learner.

Wherever your team are, PROPEL will be with them.

Learner or manager, iphone or desktop - Your whole learning schedule and resources directory, and your whole team’s attainment and goals available through one simple to use dashboard.

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propel on different devices