Everything works better together, don’t keep your content locked away.

With the PROPEL L-Sync technology we can integrate learning systems quickly and easily.

PROPEL L-Sync technology is built from the ground up to be secure and compliant.

Join Up

Join Up

Put your users first and allow them to consume all learning in one place.

Empower your managers and administrators to report on learning from across your organisation in one interface.

The PROPEL L-Sync technology can integrate learning from multiple LMSes, content from soft skills feeds and data from HR/Sales (workday, salesforce etc).

Remove Risk

Remove Risk

Giving the best learning experience to your users should be risk-free.

As the PROPEL L-Sync technology can integrate within your current infrastructure, you don't need to go through a risky and lengthy migration.

Whatever your LMS does now, improved - in an instant. Add PROPEL as an LXP to your existing LMS to give Learners, Managers and Admins new features and increased learning options. Use Single Sign On to access all learning and all systems. Easy.


How PROPEL works

Step 1: Understand

Signature's experts work with you to map your learning landscape.

Step 2: Integrate

The PROPEL L-Sync technology is linked to your learning systems.

Step 3: Deploy

The PROPEL L-Sync technology is deployed within your organisation and users onboarded.

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When all the content and data is in one place, it makes compliance easier, upskilling faster and reporting more complete.

You can link the courses in your LMS with competencies in our Competency Coach tool, you can coach learners with third-party soft skills resources in our Coaching module, and your managers can see a full report on all their team - and from all their systems - in just one screen.

Ready to take the full tour?

To learn more about PROPEL's powerful features, an introduction to how the platform works, and how it could revolutionise the way your business works - take a look at the tour page below or request a demo.