Distributing your resouces digitally

Many training companies rely on traditional means of delivery for their courses - PDFs, print outs and physical training courses.

This works well for a limited audience, but how do you scale your business without adding extra resources?

Partnering with PROPEL means we can take the hard work of deployment away from you, as our secure system is already being used by companies worldwide for their training resources.

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Gain insight to your training’s performance

With advanced reporting available real-time, 24/7 - the progress and success of your training through the PROPEL system offers you never seen before insight.

PROPEL presents this data in a way to help you decide how to create future content for your audience - creating a constant cycle of improving content and happy learners.

Increased exposure for your training

Working with PROPEL to deliver your training brings further benefits -

  • Access to potential new clients through PROPEL’s marketplace.
  • Reseller tools giving you the power to distribute your content.
  • A consistent revenue stream, making you money while you sleep.

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Digital deployment of your valuable learning content through PROPEL means you can grow your potential outreach, without extra cost and resources to your business.

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We’d love to hear from new partners who are looking to take their resources deployment to the next level. Whatever your industry or business background, PROPEL can suit many training environments.