Doing things differently

Companies inherit legacy training platforms or wish to adopt newer SAAS learning platforms alongside existing systems.

It is difficult to migrate and test entire learning catalogs and so the learner is often required to use multiple systems - Multiple user accounts, fragmented learning experience and poor reporting are the results.

PROPEL L-Sync is a Learning Aggregation technology

L-Sync technology

2 Key Benefits

  1. PROPEL L-Sync aggregates your learning from multiple systems and allows a user to enjoy all their learning in one place.
  2. L-Sync simplifies and de-risks the rollout of new Learning Tools, because it allow newer solutions to be rolled out and integrated with existing solutions. The end user experience is a joined up learning experience.

How does it work?

Active Sync: L-Sync provides ongoing active synchronization across multiple learning systems and platforms.
L-Sync has drivers that connect to each learning system and support the common capabilities of each platform for a common learning model.

L-SYNC flow

Learning Catalog

  • Propel L-Sync indexes the connected learning catalogs
  • Caches names, descriptions, and images etc
  • Makes learning catalogs searchable in one simple, Search API
  • Allows learning to be assigned, distributed, and categorized
  • Deliver learning in wider learning plans or curriculums
  • Integrates multiple learning sources with coaching and assessment tools
  • Offer the ability to auto-translate title and descriptions of English content for audiences in remote countries
  • The PROPEL L-Sync Launch-And-Learn API allows you to launch the learning in the source learning platform, so compatibility is never a problem

Assigned Learning

Learning Assignments can be tracked and synchronized with multiple learning platforms. True blended learning – deliver current learning from multiple sources.

  • LMS and LXP learning sources
  • Online/ Learning As A Service platforms
  • Synchronized in real-time

Learners can complete learning either in the source learning platform and/ or any L-Sync integrated LMS.

3-Step Simple Process

Why choose Signature?

Signature have been delivering enterprise blended learning solutions for over 5 years.
100% success rate on integrating learning platforms into L-Sync.