Field Coach at a glance

A web based tool for Managers and their team to help assess, record and improve field visits. It is accessible from tablet, phone and desktop.

The benefits to your team

  • Field Coach automates proactive coaching
  • Field Coach can be customised for your organisation, then further customised for each region
  • Action items can be personalised to each coachee
  • Action items are used to proactively coach between visits
  • Using Field Coach helps continue the coachee’s development 24x7x365

Record observations quickly

When shadowing your team in the field, being able to record your observations quickly and discreetly is paramount, so as not to be a distraction to the meeting.

Form fields ready for your input in a series of small sections

Track visits and actions

Powerful dashboard collates each of your team members’ visits and actions from those visits.


Set key objectives and areas of focus for the visit

Setting small key objectives and areas of focus for the learner before the visit gives them a clear path to follow to continue their learning and and handling of situations in the field.

Field Coach
Field coach your team even between visits with PROPEL's proactive action items

Wherever your team are, PROPEL will be with them.

Learner or manager, iphone or desktop - Your whole learning schedule and resources directory, and your whole team’s attainment and goals available through one simple to use dashboard.

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