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You can use PROPEL in many situations, here's 3 to get you thinking...


New Hires

Using the PROPEL Curriculum tool and Competency Coach each New Hire can be trained at their own pace. Each New Hire can also be validated to be ‘competent’ in both knowledge and soft skills, rather than just 'certified'. Take your onboarding to the next level.


First Line Managers

Using Competency Coach together with the Learning Plan, PROPEL's unique Proactive Personalized Learning engine guides the FLM proactively to help improve the reps knowledge and soft skills along a personalized path for each rep. PROPEL will raise the bar and drive learning and results for all users, even if you have the most inexperienced FLM's.


Product Launches

In a product launch all the emphasis is putting on getting reps certified, when what's really needed is for reps not only to be certified but to be competent and capable. However there is no extra time available for this. Using the tools within PROPEL not only can the required training be easily delivered, but reps can be upskilled to competency at the same time, producing a capable and certified field force in the same timescale.